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6409) Will Ruha
Northern California
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Ms. Julie Adams,

From the first moment I cast eyes on your lovely visage, I was struck by your exquisite beauty and incandescent talent. There has always been something special, a supernal grace to you that sets you apart from all others, a rare ineffable gift of spirit, an inestimable aspect of soul that shines through. I always saw that in your eyes, and immaculate smile. Had we been equal or so in age, I would have sought a lifetime of Indian summers with you sharing laughter and love as the very best of companions.
How silly that must sound, but I always had a great crush on you. And I am so glad, that you are still here, that I may tell you that and thank you for a thousand hours of grand entertainment, even if my heart had to bear its burden of unrequited love. God bless you, Julie Adams. You are truly a star of the first magnitude in the highest firmament of Hollywood’s heaven. Best wishes for good health, happiness, love, laughter, and continued longevity.
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