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No future events scheduled at this time. Return here later for future appearances.

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Julie Adams on TV/Theaters:

FRI SEP 28 8:30AM

The Andy Griffith Show — The County Nurse (Season 2, Episode 25) SUND

The county nurse (Julie Adams) enlists Andy's help to persuade farmer Rafe Hollister to get a tetanus shot. Rafe: Jack Prince. Barney: Don Knotts. Andy: Andy Griffith.

FRI SEP 28 11:00AM
Murder, She Wrote — If It's Thursday, It Must Be Beverly (Season 4, Episode 7) WGNA

The murder of a sad and bitter housewife, made to look like a suicide, casts suspicion on her long-suffering husband, who has a pussycat demeanor and the heart of a tomcat. Jessica: Angela Lansbury. Jonathan Martin: Rick Lenz. Loretta Spiegel: Ruth Roman. George Tibbits: Ray Girardin.

FRI SEP 28 8:00PM
Bright Victory TCM

A racist American soldier who was blinded in battle recovers in a North African hospital and struggles to cope with his disability. He develops feelings for his nurse, though his wife waits for him back home. Based on the novel "Lights Out" by Baynard Kend

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